Heat treatment as pain relief

Heat treatment is an effective approach for low back pain. Heat stimulates blood flow in the affected spine area and loosens tense muscles and joints. As a result, pain is noticeably eased. Such thermotherapy is possible through our heated vests.

Our heated gloves can also provide pleasant heat treatment for rheumatism and osteoarthritis complaints.

Symptoms Raynaud

Typical symptoms of Raynaud are dead fingers or toes. These are first white and then turn blue. When the hand or foot is warm again, the skin turns red, which gives a painful and glowing sensation in the fingers and toes. In addition to that numb feeling, tingling also occurs, especially in the fingers. Such an attack takes about 5 to 30 minutes. Some patients with Raynaud have complaints in other parts of the body, such as the ears, nose and lips.

Our heated socks and heated gloves can also provide a pleasant pain relief for these patients.


(The examples of applications of the electrically heated clothing in this shop are for informational purposes only, but are not medically substantiated. PR-Ontwerp.nl and VerwarmMe do not enter into any obligations towards third parties of this type of information on this web shop) of any nature whatsoever.Therefore no express rights can be derived from the contents of this website.)

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